The debut EP courtesy of Johannesburg based sonic collective The Iridium Experiment entitled "Hero.Victim.Villain" is a head on collision between Melodic, Thrash infused Metal and Post Hardcore that sparkles with soaring vocals, impassioned roars, chugging riffs and rhythmic battery. If the type of Metal plied by Atreyu, Darkest Hour, Killswitch Engage and their ilk are your happy place then I can guarantee that the music that these fellows create will leave you in a state of sinful bliss.

Initially the brainchild of Kenneth Hugh and Ewan Botha, The Iridium Experiment then expanded, including in their ranks Merrick "The Bear" Kyle on Bass, Damian "D.C" Coldfield on Guitar, Caleb Smith on Drums and Ruan Rabie on Guitar. This sextet know how to unleash anthemic and catchy Metal and do it with aplomb.

Opening track "Hero.Victim.Villain" begins with a plodding rhythm overlaid with melodious vocals before exploding into a chorus where the Thrash asserts itself with intensity. "Route.Cause.Analysis", track number two, continues the assault with a punchy rhythm and some seriously stellar guitar riffs. There is a definitive sense of melancholy that pervades and "We, The Forgotten" is emblematic of this. "Losing My Mind" swings like a pendulum between barreling rhythms, roaring vocals and melodrama with aptitude. Closing track "Bathos" is perhaps my favorite track on this EP, beginning with a tinkling and eerie synth, the track then blasts into chugging Thrash fueled pomp before settling back into a chorus of melodious and impassioned vocals.

The Iridium Experiment certainly have their own patented formula, one which alternates between melancholic meanderings and fist pumping fury. This is a formula that will undoubtedly serve these fellows well as their time as a collective continues. Sure, I may like my Metal harder and less sacharine yet there is no discounting the fact that these fine feathered fellows know how to belt out bludgeoning slabs of scorch built on a template of dynamic interplay which deserves to be heard.

by Asher Locketz